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2017 Conference Presentations

Plenary Session One: Thursday 10th August 2017

Plenary Session 1
Behaviour change in the implementation of upper limb exercise in stroke
Dr Louise Connell

Concurrent Session One: Thursday 10th August 2017

Stream 1 – Post Stroke Vertigo Workshop
Understanding the dizzy stroke patient. Assessment options and treatment strategies for the health professional
Katrina Williams
Stream 2 – Implementing Evidence Based Practice
Evaluation of a clinician lead implementation of clinical guidelines for stroke management with a private health service
Suzy Goodman
Stream 3-  Dysphagia/Aphasia
Treatment for people with chronic aphasia investigation of high and low intensity, constraint and multimodal treatments
John Pierce
Implementing Cough Reflex Testing in a clinical pathway for acute stroke: A pragmatic randomised controlled trial
Makaela Field 
Stream 4- New Ideas and Innovations
An Inpatient Rehabilitation Enriched Environment for stroke patients
Sian Knight

Concurrent Session Two: Thursday 10th August 2017

Stream 3-  Dysphagia/Aphasia
Effect of Post- Acute Nurse Led Stroke clinic (PASC) on readmissions rates for TIA/Stroke
Angela Firtko
Stream 4 – Education and Technology
Enabling better life outcomes for stroke survivors: an interdisciplinary eLearning package for allied health clinicians
Susan Black
You Can Change Your Brain - An audiovisual resource on Neuroplasticity for patients and carers
Jane Schilling

Concurrent Session Three: Friday 11th August 2017 

Stream 1 - Continence Management Workshop

Continence management after stroke: enabling & implementing best practice care at a local level

Sarah Kuhle

Stream 2- Intensity of Practice
Can patients tolerate very high dose training during upper limb subacute rehabilitation following stroke?
Paul Bew
Patient self-directed upper limb practice: Increasing the opportunity for recovery 
Stephanie Crabbe
Out of Bed for Breakfast: Early Morning Physiotherapy to Increase Stroke Survivor Activity
Jessica Dennis
Stream 3- Post Stroke Complications

A Systematic Literature Review of the Evidence for Occupational Therapist’s use of CO-OP in Adult Stroke Rehabilitation
Rosemary Krause

Concurrent Session Four: Friday 11th August 2017 

Stream 4 – Rehabilitation
Does use of a functional dynamic orthosis affect hemiplegic shoulder pain?
Paul Bew
Can a combined subacute and community rehabilitation neurological circuit group improve patient transition and therapist collaboration between both services?
Charlotte Scroggie
Successful Implementation of Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT): An international study
Lauren Christie

 Poster Presentations

Why didn't all eligable stroke patients recieve secondary stroke prevention at hospital discharge?

John Phamnguyen


*please note this is not a comprehensive list of the 2017 conference presentations